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January 21, 2016
by Wasseve

Are Smokefree Electronic Cigarette Products Environmentally Safe?


With the idea of keeping the atmosphere clean and free of ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke), many people are now using electronic devices to get away from smoking. A lot of people have raise concerns for this particular product because it looks like smoking and visually we see what appears to be smoke. There are both sides to the story when it comes to smoking analog cigarettes or the new electronic vapor products.

We all know that cigarettes are dangerous stuff, especially when it comes to people getting second hand smoke from them. This is the reason why people have switch over to the battery powered devices they now call the future of smoking. Rather we should call it vaping they say. Even though many have claimed that using these products is a much healthier solution not only to themselves but to people around them as well. We want to dig deeper into this.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals that is harmful to health with good number of them which can kill you. When we look at the electronic cigarettes, they heat up e juice (liquid used inside of vapor cigarettes). We know this contains a number of different chemicals: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. Now the first three we mentioned are ingredients found in most foods and household products we use on a daily basis and are generally considered as safe. The other one, nicotine, could be dangerous. However, the amount of nicotine that poses threat to health are usually in the higher concentrations usually above 100mg. Normally a cigarette contains about 18mg of nicotine. In low concentrations, nicotine acts as stimulant similar to how caffeine affects the brain in a cup of coffee. As far as studies have shown so far, the nicotine is not what we should be really worried about when produced by a reputable e juice supplier.

However, there are still some concerns. Do we know if the cloud produced into the environment poses a thread for people breathing in second hand vapor? What about the flavorings? When it comes to the vapor produced, the person who inhaled in the vapor actually takes in most of the nicotine, and flavorings into the lungs. Most of the vapor produced in the outside environment as water vapor. Which is a good sign so far. The flavorings however, may be harmful to the user. Flavorings usually is made for food products, where people consumed them orally. These flavorings don’t pose too much of a threat to us when we eat them, but when heated and inhaled, it may pose different dangers. There is a list of known chemicals found in specific flavorings that contain Diacetyl, which usually resembles a buttery flavor. This specific flavor is most commonly found in microwave and cinema popcorn, where it adds the buttery taste we are used to. However, Diacetyl when inhaled consistently can cause lung issues known as popcorn lung. Companies who manufacturer eliquids must use flavors that are not potentially dangerous to health. Companies likeĀ and others from the Unite States who actually follow safe manufacturing practices.

Should we be worried? It depends. We know that smoking is bad, and we would prefer it if people are not dependent on anything at all. We know that sure, we don’t want people to smoke, but if we had to choose between the two, the vapor form would be the winner between tobacco smoke or water vapor. However, it must be regulated well enough so that nicotine containing products do not fall into the hands of say a child who can pose a health threat if swallowed. Retailers and wholesalers must comply with adult smoking laws and not sell to minors. They must also buy from trusted Eliquid wholesalers who follow safe practices and don’t use any harmful flavor ingredients. In the future, we hope that people can simply get away from all forms of smoking and live a smoke-free or vape-free.

January 17, 2016
by Wasseve

Why Environmental Tobacco Smoke is Harming our lives and Society

Risks from Smoking

Smoking has been proven to be one of the leading causes of death in the world today, second to the number killer in America; heart disease. As a matter of fact, smoking also causes heart diseases among a number of other dangerous side effects such as cancer, emphysema, and more. Tobacco use not only harm the person that is inhaling it, but others around them who don’t even smoke at all. We must take a stand and take responsibility in not just our lives, but the lives we effect on a daily basis as well.

Back in the 1950’s, smoking was marketed as something that cool, hip, and used only famous actors. Back then you could smoke anywhere. You could smoke indoors, on an airplane, and even in restaurants where people eat. It was a generation where people lived care free lives without any worry. There were no studies done yet that smoking was bad for you. As a matter of fact, it was promoted as something that was okay to do. However, through decades long of research and statistics, smoking is one of the top killers today. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 harmful chemicals when it is burnt. Over 60 of those are cancer causing. Many people know about the dangers of tobacco smoke, and know that it is bad for them. They even try to quit, but due to the addictive substance of nicotine, they have been unable to. Almost every smoker wants to quit smoking, it’s just they have tried, and failed. However, they’re not only a danger to themselves, but to everyone else around them.

Smoking kills not only the person who is using it, but they are virtually killing people around them. This includes loved ones, friend and family they associate with, peopleĀ  they work with, and anyone who cross paths with them in public. As a matter of fact, Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is virtually present anywhere people are smoking. It is released right into the environment and we cannot virtually see it. Anyone in the public who breaths in this toxic air involuntarily puts their health at risks for harmful side effects.

We must better educate ourselves and take responsibility. Take a stand and provide knowledge to the public so society can benefit as a whole. The choices we make today not only effects our health lifestyle but for our future generations to come. We must teach our children the dangers of tobacco smoking to their health and everyone around them. As adults, we must take responsibility and find a way to quit smoking.

The problem we have is that, we must make a choice to not smoking, and help others do the same. That is of course much easier said than done. However, there are many alternatives one can use to quit smoking. There many remedies to help fight against tobacco addition. Many have had success with the nicotine patch or gum. Millions of also found success through a simple use of an electronic nicotine delivery device popular today known as vaporizers. All of these alternatives do not release ETS into our environment. Whatever the medium necessary, take responsibility for yourself and others and take action. Make a choice today and choose to lead healthier lives, and help educate everyone on the dangers of tobacco smoke.